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Construction logistics in Croydon

All significant developments in Croydon are required to develop and agree a site specific construction logistics plan (CLP) with the council as part of the planning process.

CLPs are a management tool for developers, site managers and those contractors working on demolition and construction projects. They provide a consistent mechanism for overseeing all aspects of efficient logistics operations to, at and from sites. These plans aid in improving the sustainability and safety associated with increased logistics movements. These bring additional benefits to local residents and businesses in managing the impact of potential congestion and reducing air pollution and noise levels.

Croydon town centre framework CLP

Croydon now also has a framework CLP in place for the town centre which sits alongside the separate site CLPs.

Beyond individual sites there was an identified need to ensure collaboration between the council and the numerous developments over the coming five years. The Croydon town centre framework CLP provides an information sharing and coordination function for all key stakeholders. Individual sites have signed up to participate through a non-binding memorandum of understanding that indicates their willingness and enthusiasm to participate in the activities of the framework CLP.

During 2016, Croydon Construction Logistics Forum brought together developers, site managers, council officers and other key stakeholders such as TfL and Network Rail to jointly review demands on the local transport network, identify areas where collaboration is important and implement agreed measures to address identified areas of concern.

For more information on site CLPs or how to participate within the activities of the town centre framework CLP, contact or