The growth zone is a partnership between:

  • Central Government
  • Croydon Council
  • the Greater London Authority
  • Transport for London.

It's financing and delivering a 12-year, £520 million programme of work, which is essential to facilitate growth in Croydon town centre.

The growth zone will deliver more than 23,000 new jobs for London, with a further 5,000 during the construction phase, along with 2.8 million sq ft of new grade A office space for new employers bringing thousands more jobs to the borough.

Growth zone projects include transport improvement, community facilities and regeneration and public realm improvements essential to Croydon’s success. 

All of the growth zone projects support Croydon’s drive to become a smart city.

A great place

A number of new public realm schemes are planned for Croydon’s town centre, to create a more attractive place where people want to live, work and play. These projects build on a decade of work to transform Croydon’s central public spaces, including a new station bridge at East Croydon station and new pedestrian crossings on Wellesley Road.

We’re creating places for people to enjoy and spend time in. Sometimes making the most of temporary empty spaces or places that have been underused.

Projects include:

  • Pedestrianisation of the High Street – including seating, ground art, and an events programme.
  • College Square – decorative archways, seating, and a space for events have been designed with Central Saint Martins.
  • College Road– we’ve swapped a parking space in College Road for a ‘street park’ providing seating in the busy town centre.
  • Ground art at South End and Dingwall Road – colourful ground art, created by designer Adam Nathaniel Furman, have brightened up streets around Croydon.
  • The Croydon Arts Store – a temporary takeover of a four-storey unit in the Whitgift Centre. 

Built for people

We’re working with partners to make sure our future population will have the play spaces, schools places, health care, community centres and more that they need.

Easy to get around

Croydon has excellent transport links but we’re working with Network Rail and TfL to make them more reliable for the increasing numbers of people who use them. We’re developing a number of schemes to encourage people to choose to travel on foot or by bike into and around the town centre.

Some of the current projects include:

  • The Croydon Area Remodelling Scheme (CARS) – Network Rail is developing a range of proposals to ease congestion and improve reliability of trains on one of the busiest parts of the national rail network.
  • Fiveways junction – Transport for London is developing proposals to provide a safer and more direct route for road users, pedestrians and cyclists through this busy junction on the A23 at Purley Way.