Neighbourhood planning

Information on neighbourhood planning tools, the areas of Croydon, and how to establish a neighbourhood forum or area.


Neighbourhood planning enables local communities to take ownership of the planning and development in their area.

The Localism Act 2011 sets out 3 new neighbourhood planning tools: 

Neighbourhood planning was introduced to enable local communities to take ownership of the planning and development in their area. If an area feels that it has scope to accommodate additional development over and above that which is planned in the council's plan or it feels the planned development should be provided in a different way, then it may consider forming a neighbourhood forum and producing a neighbourhood development plan.

It is important to note that neighbourhood development plans are not tools to prevent or resist development that is planned. It should also be noted that the process is optional and that the area you live in is not required to be subject to neighbourhood planning.

National planning policy framework

The government's national planning policy framework sets out the 'presumption in favour of sustainable development' and will have implications for how communities engage in neighbourhood planning. Critically, it will mean that neighbourhoods should:

  • develop plans that support the strategic development needs set out in local plans, including policies for housing and economic development
  • plan positively to support local development, shaping and directing development in their area that is outside the strategic elements of the local plan, and
  • identify opportunities to use neighbourhood development orders to enable developments that are consistent with their neighbourhood plan to proceed.

More information

Download an overview of the neighbourhood planning process and support the council offers (PDF, 45KB)

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