Cycling in Croydon, including cycle safety, training, parking and security, routes and clubs.

Cycling safety, security and parking

Access links to TfL and Police, cycle-safety and security information, including cycle-marking and exchanging places event dates and locations.

New to cycling and you want a few hints about what you need? Then have a look at the kit list for new cyclists.

Cycle parking

Cycle parking is available throughout the borough and at tram stops and train stations. We are working to improve facilities for cyclists. If you know of any locations in the borough that would benefit from cycle parking facilities please let us know by emailing

Cycle parking on your street

Croydon council has 30 secure on-street cycle hangars, in partnership with Cyclehoop, at various locations across the borough. Up to fifty more are due for installation. 

More will be installed when funding is available. In the meantime if you feel that your street would benefit from secure on street cycle parking, contact