Routine maintenance

All street lights, signs, beacons and bollards which are not on a Transport for London owned road (a red route such as A23, A22 or A232), are managed by private firm Milestone, and are regularly checked to be working properly. They are also being fitted with an automatic monitoring system which reports any faults automatically.

Most faults will be repaired within two working days of being reported.

Reporting a faulty street light, illuminated bollard, sign or beacon

If the fault is not on a red route, complete our street lighting online form.

If the fault is on a red route (e.g. A23, A22 or A232), contact Transport for London (full details below).

Reporting a faulty traffic light or pelican crossing signal

Complete the online form on the Transport for London website.

Types of fault and repairs

Urgent faults - repaired within an hour

These are faults that could cause a risk to life, damage to person/property, or which could cause significant financial loss to the council or disruption to its service.

If the repair cannot be completed within an hour the site will be made safe and work will be completed as soon as possible.

Serious faults - repaired within 24 hours

These are faults which could develop into an urgent fault as detailed above.

If repairs cannot be completed within 24 hours, the site will be made safe and work will be completed as soon as possible.

Routine faults - repaired with four working days

These are any faults that are not immediately likely to develop into one of the categories mentioned above, but may negatively impact on services. If repairs cannot be completed within two working days, the site will be made safe, and work will be completed as soon as possible.


We will attend to all emergencies within one hour of the fault being reported. For example:

  • damaged lighting columns, signs and bollards
  • electrical safety issues such as a lantern hanging by its wires
  • network faults where an area has no street lighting.

Report an emergency fault

Call our 24 hour Freephone number 0800 028 5986 (Calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes).


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