Fault categories and definitions

Category Definition
  • street light or illuminated sign knocked down
  • three or more adjacent street lights unlit
  • street light door missing
  • hanging lantern or bowl
  • involves the emergency services
  • any risk of electric shock
  • damaged apparatus posing a risk to the public
  • school crossing patrol warning light (in term time)
  • apparatus leaning more than twenty degrees out of vertical alignment
  • illuminated bollard shell missing
  • obscene or racist graffiti
  • illuminated bollard knocked down
  • missing Belisha beacon globe or a sign plate
  • illuminated sign plate bent away from road users
  • non-illuminated sign plate bent away from road users
  • non-offensive graffiti on any apparatus
  • unauthorised attachments on any apparatus
  • failure to replace any anti-climbing measures on any apparatus
  • the luminaire or bracket on any apparatus is not vertically and horizontally aligned
  • lamp forming any part of a lighting point is not operating within specified parameters
  • twisted attachments, including sign plates and lighting units
  • any material damage to apparatus missing or incorrect numbering
  • photometric performance failure
  • structural and mechanical failure
  • electrical inspection and test failure
  • protective paint system failure

Milestone Infrastructure

Borough Road Lights


Milestone Infrastructure, Unit 9, Twin Bridges Business Park, Selsdon Road, South Croydon CR2 6PL , United Kingdom