Street cleaning standards and reporting

The methods we use to keep the streets of Croydon clean, our street cleaning standards and how to report a street cleaning issue.

Report it

If you need to report a problem with the condition of streets and pavements or with street cleaning, do it online on the Love Clean Streets app or website.


Standards of street cleaning

We use several methods to keep our streets clean and have invested in new mechanical sweeping machines. The larger sweepers  can take up to two tonnes of waste at a time, while the  smaller machines are better at working around parked cars.Our officers check that we meet the standards for cleanliness prescribed by the law. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part IV brought in a code of practice that sets cleanliness standards for streets and land, depending on location and usage. This has been strengthened by the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

Street cleaning includes:

  • cleaning pavements and kerbside channels
  • cleaning footpaths, pavements and Croydon housing estates
  • cleaning surface water drainage gullies
  • washing the pavements beneath bridges
  • emptying litter bins
  • removal of dog fouling
  • removal of dead animals
  • removal of fallen leaves
  • weed control
Street cleaning

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