Dog fouling

Dog owners must clean up after their dogs if they foul public spaces. You can report online someone who does not clean up after their dog.

Some dog owners act irresponsibly and do not clean up after their dogs. To promote responsible ownership and reduce health problems associated with dog fouling, we have adopted The Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996. This act rules that it is an offence if the owner, or person in charge of a dog, fails to clean up their animal's faeces from designated land.

These areas include:

  • pedestrianised areas
  • public footways
  • parks and open spaces
  • housing land
  • grass verges

This act carries a maximum fine of £1,000. Not having a poop scoop (or other means of removing the faeces) or being unaware of the legislation is not an acceptable excuse.

People who are registered blind are exempt from the act.

We have placed signs throughout the borough to alert dog walkers of their responsibilities.

Please help

We receive many dog fouling complaints, and rely on the help of the public.

If you witness a person not cleaning up after their dog has fouled a public space, note the time and date of the incident, with a brief description of the dog and the owner. Please be prepared to provide a statement, if required.

Report it online

Incidents of dog fouling not being removed from public spaces or needing to be removed from a public footway, can be reported on the Love Clean Streets app or website.


Once reported, we aim to remove it within 5 working days.

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