Disabled parking bays

You can apply for a disabled parking bay if you have a Blue Badge. Find out more and submit your application online.


Disabled residents can apply for a disabled parking bay outside their home. This parking bay can be used by anyone who holds a Blue Badge.

This service is free if your application is successful.

It can take up to 6 months to introduce a new disabled parking bay, due to the legal procedures involved.

Who can apply

You can apply for a disabled parking bay for you where you live if:

  • you have a Blue Badge
  • you live at the address where you want to put the disabled parking bay
  • you don’t have any off-street parking you can use, such as a garage or driveway within 100 metres of your property
  • there is a shortage of on-street parking near where you live

If you are not the main driver of the vehicle

In most cases where we can provide a disabled parking bay, the person who applies will be the regular driver or passenger of the vehicle for which the bay is required. 

If the applicant is not the regular driver, we can only consider the application if the vehicle is kept at the same address, as indicated on the Vehicle Registration Document (V5C) or Motability paperwork.

If you have your own off-street parking

If you already have off-street parking, such as a garage or drive, we will only consider providing a bay when if there is a good reason why this parking can not be used.

Location of the parking bay

The disabled parking bay must not:

  • cause an obstruction of the highway
  • cause danger to other road users 
  • be more than  50 metres from the applicant’s address