London Borough of Croydon

Council tenants and leaseholders can form a group to make improvements to their local block or estate. They can meet on a regular basis to discuss issues or just occasionally as the need arises. Some groups also organise social events. 

Resident associations should be formally set up with a committee but are independent of the council and meet to an agreed schedule. Although these groups are self managing, the resident involvement team will provide advice as required.

Resident forums are administered by the resident involvement team who assist with publicity and taking notes at meetings.  These groups do not need formal committees and only need to meet as the need arises, so they involve less work for residents.

To find out more about setting up a new group and the support the resident involvement team can provide, see the documents below.

To find out if there is a group in your area or for more information please contact Steve Driscoll.


Resident Involvement team

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