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The organisational blue badge

An organisational blue badge can be issued to organisations with responsibility for the continuous care of five or more disabled people who meet the qualifying criteria for the personal blue badge.

In most cases it will be used in larger vehicles designed for transporting a minimum of five disabled persons in comfort and safety such as coaches and mini-buses.

The organisational blue badge can only be issued for use in vehicles taxed under the disabled passenger vehicle (DPV) taxation class. Organisations can confirm this by submitting a photocopy of the Registration Certificate V5 showing that the taxation class is “Disabled Passenger Vehicle” to travel services. Alternatively please submit confirmation from DVLA that the vehicle is registered under either the Disabled Persons Vehicle (DPV) tax classification or the Ambulance (NHS) classification and so is exempt from payment of the road fund licence. You may receive an annual email from DVLA confirming that the vehicle is registered as exempt from the tax because of the use as a disabled passenger vehicle.

Staff members using the badge must be made aware of its correct manner of use and display.

Organisations with less than five qualifying individuals are advised to assist such clients to apply for their own personal blue badges.

Application forms can be obtained from travel services.


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