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Purley Way Playing Fields


Waddon, beside Purley Way.


109 acres 43.81 hectares.


  • football pitches (senior and junior)
  • cricket (senior and junior)
  • 3 changing rooms
  • children's playground and skate ramp (next to Waddon Way)
  • free to use outdoor gym equipment


Purley Way playing fields is the largest expanse of sports pitches in the Borough and at the weekend the area is busy with people playing football, cricket, and other sports depending on the season. The good drainage of the underlying chalk ensures that the pitches are available throughout the year.   There are fine views of central Croydon's "Manhatten" skyline from the playing field. However, the attraction used to be the arrival and departure of aeroplanes from London Airport on the west side of the Purley Way.

The playing fields consisted entirely of former agricultural land which was levelled and grassed to make playing fields. During the Second World War, the ground was again used to cultivate crops. One year potatoes were grown on the playing field and the following year 55 acres of autumn‐sown wheat. Mr. G. Whiting, Croydon's Parks Superintendent told the "Croydon Times", "Whitgift schoolboys and women from the local housing estate are helping to gather the harvest. The acreage for crop growing will be increased next year, making the total area in the Parks Department under cultivation 125 acres."  

By 1946, 25 acres of the playing field had been reinstated as a playing area and by 1948 plans had been made to reinstate another 60 acres.  

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