Mayfield Road Playground


Thornton Heath, the playground is right on the borough boundary at the end of Mayfield Road.


1 1/2 acres 0.51 hectares.


  • Childrens playground
  • Grass area


The Ordnance Survey plan of 1894 shows an old gravel pit on the site of Mayfield and this must have been filled when the gravel supply was exhausted.  

Mayfield was acquired by the Council in 1931 for an open space and allotments.  The open space has a childrens playground and a field for informal games.  

It was reported in 1973 that 90 Elm trees around the ground and adjacent to the allotments were dead or dying from Dutch Elm disease which swept across the country killing most Elm trees.  The removal of these trees totally altered the appearance of the playground.  

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Mayfield Road, Thornton Heath CR7 6EU , United Kingdom