Grounds maintenance

Our grounds maintenance team look after green spaces across the borough, including parks, housing and schools land, highway verges and cemeteries.

No Mow May

A report by Plantlife in 2019 found that road verges in the UK support around 700 species of wildflowers, which make up almost half of all UK wildflower species and approximately 45% of the country’s total flora.

Following the Croydon Local Plan and the Parks and Green Spaces Renewal Strategy for maintaining grass verges in the borough, we will introduce a break from cutting throughout May. This will allow insects to live and for wildflowers to develop. After this, the regular 4 to 6 week cutting cycle will resume.

Alongside the cutting break, other areas of the borough will undergo a 'conservation cut' that is less frequent but more supportive of local ecosystems. This approach will help foster the growth of habitats for native pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and insects, which are vital for preserving biodiversity.

This initiative will work in conjunction to our Wildflower verge trials as part of our future green initiatives, working alongside residents, ‘Friends of Park’ groups, and street champions across the borough.

Get Involved

If you have a garden, you can let it grow for May, or longer, and if you are more adventurous why not plant some wildflowers.

Find out more

Visit No Mow May on Plantlife's website.

Designated No Mow May areas

The following areas will be part of the No Mow May programme.


  • Admirals Walk
  • Cannons Hill Plot
  • Kerril Ave
  • Lacey Green
  • Mead Way
  • Stoats Nest Village Green
  • Woodlands Grove


  • Croham Road
  • Elmfield Way
  • Manor Gardens
  • Park Hill Road
  • Upper Selsdon Road
  • Upper Selsdon Road


  • Riddlesdown Road

New Addington

  • Arnhem Drive
  • Calley Down Crecent
  • Cator Close
  • Cator Crescent
  • Comport Green
  • Fairfield Avenue
  • Goldcrest Way
  • Kennelwood Crescent
  • Kestral Way
  • King Henry’s Drive
  • Mickleham Way
  • Parkway Island site
  • Redstart Close
  • Warbank Crescent


  • Christian Fields
  • Covington Way
  • Groveland Ave
  • Norbury Close
  • Norbury Hill
  • Pollards Hill South Triangle
  • St Helens Crecent


  • Russell Green Close


  • Barn Crescent
  • Cherry Tree Green
  • Godston Banks
  • Lower Barn Road
  • Marlings Close
  • Northwood Avenue
  • Oaks Way
  • Sanderstead Banks
  • Sanderstead Library
  • Wontford Avenue

South Norwood

  • All Saints Church
  • Beaulah Heights
  • Beulah Hill
  • Biggin Hill
  • Biggin Way
  • Brickfields Road
  • Buckingham Gardens Verge
  • Camden Gardens
  • Camden Way
  • Grange Road
  • Green Lane
  • Highview Close
  • Ingram Road
  • Kensington Avenue
  • Waddington Way

Thornton Heath

  • Grange Road
  • St Paul's Road


  • Barrow Island
  • Denning Avenue
  • Epsom Road
  • Euston Road
  • Goodwin Road
  • Houlder Crescent
  • Imperial Way
  • Leyton Crescent
  • Mill Lane
  • Old Town Roundabout
  • Stafford Road
  • Waddon Way

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