Our grounds maintenance team is responsible for a wide range of works in green spaces including:

  • grass cutting and conservation area cuts
  • weeding shrubs and other planted areas 
  • pruning and hedge cutting
  • other horticultural operations
  • cutting and marking sports pitches
  • parks cleansing (litter and bin clearance, park fly-tips, dog waste)

A lot of this work is seasonal and subject to surge demand. Our team will deliver the service to the schedule outlined below as far as possible, although sometimes we might have to prioritise some works for health and safety reasons. Grounds maintenance work can also be impacted by factors outside our control, such as the weather.  

Grounds maintenance programme

As part of council’s savings programme, we have made some changes to our ground maintenance service, including reducing the frequency of grass cutting. 

Grass cutting

Grass cutting frequency

We now cut grass over an 8 to 10 week cycle. This is part of our savings programme, and also has benefits for our local environment.  Sites which require more frequent cuts for safety reasons, such as certain highway verges, will still be cut appropriately. Other sites within the borough will receive a less regular ‘conservation cut’ which, as well as reducing costs, benefits local habitats for native pollinators such as bees, butterflies and insects. Overall, you will see more natural areas and meadows across all our green spaces.

The green spaces across the borough are divided into three regions, with our teams cutting over a period of 8 to 10 weeks. We’re unable to provide dates as to when specific greenspaces will be cut. Using the table below, which will be updated weekly during the cutting season, you are able to see when the last cuts in each ward were completed. You can then expect that, barring unmanageable circumstances, they will be cut again between 8-10 weeks later. If you need to, please refer to this interactive borough map which you can overlay with the ward boundaries.

Ward Date last cut
Addiscombe April 2021
Ashburton June 2021
Bensham Manor April 2021
Broad Green June 2021
Coulsdon East July 2021
Coulsdon West April 2021
Croham May 2021
Fairfield May 2021
Fieldway May 2021
Healthfield June 2021
Kenley June 2021
New Addington May 2021
Norbury May 2021
Purley May 2021
Sanderstead June 2021
Selhurst June 2021
Selsdon May 2021
Shirley April 2021
South Croydon June 2021
South Norwood May 2021
Thornton Heath April 2021
Waddon June 2021
West Thornton April 2021
Woodside May 2021
Upper Norwood June 2021

Members of the grounds maintenance teams are in our green spaces regularly and know which sites need cutting next, so we ask that you don’t contact us requesting cuts for specific sites. We are aware of residents’ feedback about certain areas of the borough and are exploring ways to address them.

Bedding and planting

We have reduced the number and size of bedding and planting areas within our parks. We will continue to work with our Friends of Park groups who may like to adopt responsibility for some of these areas.

Pruning and hedges

We have reduced our hedge cutting regime from twice per year to once per year. 

Parks team


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