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Online services you can access as a library member using the barcode on your library membership card.

These online resources are part of the Library Service’s information and learning offer. To find out about other information available from libraries, visit the Information services web page.

Subscription reference services

As a library member, you can use the barcode on your library membership card to access subscription-only online reference services. The following websites participate in the scheme:

Access to Research

Free, walk-in access to a wide range of academic articles and research in public libraries across the UK. Available from library PCs only.


Britannica Junior

Britannica Library Junior (age group 5 to 10)

Britannica Student

Britannica Library Student (age group 10 to 14)

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Britannica Library Adult (age group 14 and Up)

COOCS – community open learning courses

COOCs have been developed to help people from all walks of life to share learning and create opportunities for personal development.


Digital Unite - computer and internet guides

Getting started with computers and the internet can be difficult. To help you on your way, here are links to useful guides produced by Digital Unite. Whether you want help with setting up Skype, online shopping or email, there’s something here for you.


HM Revenue & Customs starting a business e-learning tool

Have you just started in business and become self-employed? Got a lot of questions about Income Tax, National Insurance, business records and expenses? Then try this e-learning course from HM Revenue and Customs.


National Numeracy Challenge

Helps adults learn the maths needed for everyday life. Why not take the challenge?


Theory Test Pro

A highly realistic online simulation of the UK's driving theory tests for all vehicle categories. It contains all the official test questions licensed from the DSA, the people who set the tests.


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