London Borough of Croydon

Croydon Council’s Active Lifestyles team shares your registration information and involvement details with the Ramblers. The Ramblers administers the nationwide Walking for Health scheme and provide the Active Lifestyles team with the resources through which it administers the Croydon Walking for Health Scheme

We process your personal information lawfully and do so under the legal basis of consent. Your information is collected for the purposes of administering your involvement with the service and using the information you supply for statistical analysis so we can demonstrate the value of the Croydon Walking for Health scheme. As such registration to the Walking for Health scheme is a mandatory part of participation in the service.

What information we collect from you and what we will do with it?

The Walking for Health registration form collects the following personal information; name, address, postcode, email address and telephone number. This information is collected for the purposes of registering you as a participant of the Walking for Health scheme. We also use this information to monitor your involvement with the scheme so we can better understand the usage of the service.

In addition, there is an anonymous health survey which is used to understand the health and wellbeing of scheme users. This information is for statistical analysis so we can demonstrate the value of the Walking for Health scheme. Completion of the health survey is optional and will not affect your involvement with the Walking for Health scheme.

The Croydon Walking for Health scheme offers new walkers a “20 walks incentive scheme”. We provide you with an achievement card that, once completed with 20 walks, will be rewarded with a Walking for Health drawstring bag and a certificate of achievement. In order to send these to you we ask that you record your name and address on your achievement card. The personal data you provide will be recorded and stored securely solely for the purpose of administering your reward and your completed achievement card will be securely destroyed as a result.

Processing by consent

Within the Walking for Health registration form there are a number of options that allow you to consent to receive additional services, these include; receiving the health survey by email, receiving marketing information from the Ramblers and/or your local scheme.

You have the right to change your mind about anything you have consented to within the registration form. Please contact the Ramblers or your local scheme via the contact details listed in the “Contacts” section to request to change your preferences for consent.  

Who will we share information with?

The information you provide your local scheme (Croydon Walking for Health administered by the Active Lifestyles team) will be shared with the Ramblers and your local scheme. This enables your involvement in the Walking for Health scheme to be monitored and reported upon anonymously to demonstrate the impact of the service.

Anonymous reports can be shared with key stakeholders and organisations to demonstrate the value of the service. It will not be possible to identify you as an individual within the process.

How long will data be kept for?

Once your information is collected it will remain on the Walking for Health database (managed by the Ramblers) for 6 years after you have stopped participating in the Walking for Health scheme. This enables the service to monitor and evaluate walk attendance to demonstrate the impact of the service. Please see below details of your rights over the data collected.

Your Rights

The law gives you a number of rights to control what personal information we use and how it is used. These are some of your rights:

You can ask for access to the information we hold about you

This applies to your personal information that is in both paper and electronic records. You can ask for your records by contacting the Information Management team at the Council at

When we receive a request in writing, we will give you access to everything we have recorded about you. However, we cannot let you see any part of your record which contains:

  • Confidential information about other people or
  • Data which is likely to cause serious harm or distress to you or likely to affect your physical or mental wellbeing or
  • If we think that giving you the information may stop us or any law enforcement agency from preventing or detecting a crime.

If you cannot ask for your records in writing we will make sure there are other ways that you can ask for your information. If you have any concerns regarding making a request in writing please telephone 020 8726 6000 and ask to speak to a member of the Information Management Team.

You can ask to change information you think is inaccurate

You should let us know if you disagree with something written on your file, we may not always be able to change or remove that information but we will correct factual inaccuracies and may include your comments in the record to show that you disagree with it.

You can ask us to delete information (the “right to be forgotten”)

You have the right to ask us to delete your personal information for example where your personal information is no longer needed for the reason why it was collected in the first place or where you have withdrawn your consent for us to use your personal information and there is no legal obligation for the Council to use it. Where your personal information has been shared with others legally, we will use reasonable endeavours to make sure the 3rd party also deletes your data where you request this.

You can ask us to limit how we use your personal information

You have the right to ask us to restrict what we use your personal information for where for example  you have identified inaccurate information and have told us of it or where  you want us to restrict what we use it for rather than erase the information altogether.

You can ask to have your information moved to another provider (data portability)

You have the right to ask for your personal information to be given back to you or another service provider of your choice in a commonly used format; this only applies where we are using your personal information with your consent and not if we are using it under any other legal basis.

You have a right to ask for any computer made decisions to be explained to you and to request details of how we may have “risk profiled” you

You have the right to question decisions made about you by a computer unless it is required for any contract you have entered into, required by law or you have consented to it.

You also have the right to object if you are being “profiled”. Profiling is where decisions are made about you based on certain things in your personal information e.g. your health condition.

If and when the council uses your personal information to profile you, in order to deliver the most appropriate service to you, you will be informed.

You can exercise any of these rights by contacting us at and providing details of the right you wish to exercise and the service involved.


To request to exercise any or all relevant rights, raise queries or make complaints please in the first instance contact your local scheme by email on

Your local scheme

Scheme Coordinator; Elizabeth Collins

Croydon Council’s Data Protection Officer

The Ramblers

020 7339 8541

To contact the Information Commissioner’s Office

For independent advice about data protection you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office at:

Information Commissioner’s Office,
Wycliffe House,
Water Lane,
SK9 5A

Email or call 0303 123 1113.