London Borough of Croydon

Information for businesses who encourage cycling to work and individuals who want to cycle to work, including the cycle to work scheme.

The journey to healthier staff and business

The daily commute presents a golden opportunity to enable your workforce to be fitter, healthier, more productive and so more able to reduce your costs. When staff choose more environmentally friendly travel such as cycling, jogging, walking or public transport it can improve their physical health and mental well-being through regular cardiovascular exercise, and will reduce their carbon footprint. There are many goods and services on offer to help your business on its journey to better health.

Cycling programme for businesses and organisations

The Transport for London Business Engagement team supports employers in London to encourage their staff to be active, sustainable, and travel safely and efficiently. Talks, training and storage from TfL (Transport for London) cycling and businesses. Register for cycling workplaces to receive free cycling products and support for staff including free cycle parking, one-to-one cycle skills and a cycle safety seminar delivered at your workplace, or email TfL for more information at

cycle2work cycle to work scheme

The cycle2work scheme is a tax-efficient salary-sacrificed employee benefit to encourage more of your staff to take up cycling. Your firm can use the scheme to buy or lease bicycles and cycling equipment from approved suppliers and loan to you. A tax-efficient salary-sacrifice scheme for employees to buy a bicycle and equipment.

At the end of the loan period the employer may choose to give the employee the option to buy the equipment, paid back in instalments through your payroll. Visit for more information.

Cargo bike delivery

Cargo bikes and trikes We are looking for two local businesses carrying out local deliveries that could be done by a cargo bike or trike. The aim is to show that bicycles have many uses and for trips of up to 5 miles can be more efficient, cheaper and cleaner than a van. Load carrying 2 or 3-wheeled cycles on a 3-year loan: be seen to be 'green' These 3-wheeled machines can carry up to 250kg, and there is the option of an electric motor.

The bike trike would have your firm's branding, and be on loan from the council for up to 3 years. Staff would be provided with cycle training and you would need to have a secure place to keep the machine. Workplace pool bicycles Workplace pool bicycles Workplace pool bikes Give your staff the choice of cycling to local meetings and site visits Croydon council is introducing a pool of bicycles for business journeys. After studying good practice elsewhere the council is working with Cycling Instructor and purchased 4 manual and 4 electric bicycles from Cycling Made Easy.

See if your business could benefit from a similar scheme. Contact for information on the scheme.