London Borough of Croydon

New to cycling and you want a few hints about what you need? Then have a look at the kit list for new cyclists.

Basic toolkit

Sometimes something does not go as planned, so it is worth preparing. There are a few items that you should have with you:

  • a spare inner tube
  • tyre levers
  • puncture repair kit
  • multi tool

If you don’t know how to change an inner tube, have a look at our cycle training pages. Insurance bikes can be expensive and things do happen. Cycle insurance is something that should be considered. If your bike is not covered by your home insurance, Croydon is lucky enough to have a bespoke cycle insurance company Yellow Jersey.


No special clothing needs to be worn when cycling, but we are in England and we are famous for our weather. A light waterproof or windproof jacket and a pair of gloves are useful bits of kit to have to keep us warm in the wind and rain.


Whether you are on a gentle family bike ride, cycling down the road to work or you’re in the back of beyond on an epic adventure, every cyclist needs to be wearing a well-fitting helmet. If your helmet wobbles when you ride over a bump then it’s not doing its job properly. A well fitting helmet should touch your head all the way around and the front should come as low down as possible. Heads are all different shapes and sizes so not every helmet will fit you – take some time to ensure you find the right one.


If you can’t see clearly then you’re not safe on your bike. A good pair of glasses will improve your vision in harsh sunlight and bad weather and protect your eyes from bugs, dust and small stones that may fly up as you cycle.

Bike pump

There are various types, are cheap to buy and incredibly handy to have; they can be attached to your bike frame or tucked in your rucksack or pocket. Make sure you know how to use it before heading out.


Even if you only plan to use your bike during daylight hours it is still necessary to get yourself a good set of bike lights just in case time slips away from you and you find yourself cycling home in darkness. Cyclists need bike lights to enable them to see where they’re going and to allow motorists and other cyclists to see you. USB rechargeable lights are great for anyone who works at a computer as you can charge your lights while you work without ever having to remember to buy new batteries."


Use locks of gold Sold Secure standard. Also, use two different types of lock, with at least one being a high quality D-lock. It takes thieves a few seconds to cut through poor quality locks - make it as difficult for them as possible.