London Borough of Croydon

Most parks and open spaces are not locked at night, but if they are the following information applies:

  • All parks are open from 8am all-year-round
  • The main gates are the last to be closed at the time shown below, other gates may close 30 minutes earlier
  • Closing times come into effect on the first Monday of each month
Month Gates start closing Main gate closes
January 4pm 4:30pm
February 5pm 5:30pm
March 6pm 6:30pm
April 7:30pm 8pm
May 8:30pm 9pm
June 9pm 9:30pm
July 9pm 9:30pm
August 8pm 8:30pm
September 7pm 7:30pm
October 6pm 6:30pm
November 4pm 4:30pm
December 4pm 4:30pm

Please note - the vehicle barrier to the access road and car-park at South Norwood Country Park will close half an hour before sunset. Times are displayed at the gate and in the car park.

Park toilets

All park toilets are opened at 8am. Closing times occur one or 2 hours before the park shuts. Parks with council operated toilets include:

  • Ashburton Park
  • Haling Grove
  • Norwood Grove
  • Park Hill Recreation Ground
  • South Norwood Country Park
  • South Norwood Lake and Grounds
  • Waddon Ponds


The following are the responsibility of the Café owners and opening times are at their discretion:

  • Coombe Wood (Café)
  • Coulsdon Memorial Ground (Café)
  • Lloyd Park (Café)
  • Sanderstead Park (Café)
  • Wandle Park (Café)

Management of litter within parks

The bins and dog bins are managed so that they should never be full or overflowing.



Parks and open spaces

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