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Due to the unprecedented increase in demand for Croydon allotments during the Covid-19 pandemic - more than 1000 applications have been received since March - we have decided to temporarily close the waiting list application process until March 2021. This temporary measure will help enable staff to facilitate processing of applications, maintaining the waiting list and improving the allocations process. 

Please also note that the actual estimated allocation waiting times are between 18 to 24 months from the application date.


Allotment gardening provides a wide range of benefits to communities and the environment. It is also a considerable source of joy for gardeners and can provide you with plenty of fresh produce and exercise. There are 17 allotment sites in Croydon. Their management is a mix of independent allotment societies  and sites directly let by Croydon Council

Allotment plot rental costs

Price for a Full Plot (including apiaries) – One Year 

(Half & Quarter Plots will be charged at 50% & 25% respectively) 

1st October 2020 until 30th September 2021 - £58.50 
1st October 2021 until 30th September 2022 - £87.75

A full allotment plot is approximately 250 square metres and is designed to feed a family of 4, all year round. 

A half plot (125 square metres) is recommended as a good starting point for those with less experience.

Croydon Allotment Service offer 50% discount to the following individuals: 

• Plot holders in receipt of a state pension. 
• Plot holders in receipt of employment benefit. 
• Plot holders that are registered as disabled. 

This is applicable only to full and half size plots

Please Note: plot-holders in receipt of the 50% discount at 1st October 2019 for aged 60 years or over, will continue to receive the discount (irrespective of whether they receive state pension). No available for new applicants.

50% Concessionary Tariffs will only apply for up to one full-sized plot (or equivalent) per household (second, third etc. plots will be charged at full price). 

Plot-holders wishing to apply for a concessionary tariff must do so before making payment as discounts can’t be refunded or applied retrospectively. 

Plot holders will need to provide evidence that they meet the above criteria and apply before the 1 of October each year.  

If you have any questions or to apply please contact us via

Managing your allotment

Managing an allotment requires commitment. Croydon Council will work in partnership with Allotment Societies to ensure that allotments are being cultivated by plotholders. 

In the interest of fairness to individuals on the allotment waiting list, Croydon Council reserves the right (stipulated within the leaseholder agreement) to assign new plotholders to allotments that do not meet cultivation standards. 

How to get an allotment plot

To rent an allotment plot from Croydon Council you must live within the London Borough of Croydon.

Allotments can be used for fruit/vegetable cultivation and the keeping of hens or rabbits. Across our allotment sites we also have designated plots for beekeeping. A specific beekeeping plot waiting list exists which is separate to the standard allotment waiting list. When applying to be on the waiting list please specify that you are interested in a beekeeping plot if applicable.   

All allotment sites currently have waiting lists. To be added to a waiting list for an "Independent allotment society" please contact sites directly. 

To be added to a waiting list for a Council allotment Please complete and return the application form within the Allotment Information Pack or complete the Online Waiting List form

Please consider the location of independent and direct let sites in relation to your home.


Allotments general enquiries

020 8726 6900


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