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Help us improve our website by taking part in various research activities

Join our research group

We want to hear from all voices and as many people as possible, join our research group if you'd like to take part. All activities are entirely voluntary, and you can unsubscribe from the group at any time.

Research can involve

The research may involve taking part in different activities, such as

  • looking at newly redesigned pages and giving feedback about them
  • telling us your experience in dealing with a service
  • taking part in online activities

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Putting user needs first

We’re working hard to create a website that’s accessible to everyone. We’ll be carrying out research with many different groups to make our site as accessible as possible. Getting involved in this research means that you will have the chance to see and test unreleased previews of the layout, design and content of the website.

We've signed the Local Digital Declaration (external link) to show our commitment to redesigning our services around the needs of the people using them. 

Researching safely

We are currently running all research activities online, so they can be carried out as safely and comfortably as possible. Some activities involve arranging a time to speak to a researcher, but many others can be completed online at a time convenient to you.

Protecting your data

Your contact details and information collected will be kept secure in accordance with GDPR. The findings and insight from research activities will remain anonymous and may be shared with other local authorities. Read our full privacy policy at

How has research helped our work so far?

We regularly blog about our work on the Croydon Digital (external link) site. You can read about some of the activities we've already undertaken, and the impact they've already had on what we're building. You'll also be able to discover how we're collaborating and sharing information about our experiences with other local authorities to help even more people build great new digital services.