London Borough of Croydon

All leaseholders must be consulted before major repairs and external and communal area decorations are carried out in their building.

Major works and planned repairs are large one-off works of repair, improvement or redecoration to your building or the area around your building.

Major works are different from the 'day-to-day' unplanned repairs. They are always planned except in emergency situations. They are needed when major parts of the building or area wear out, such as the roof or pathways, or when decorations are planned for the outside or shared areas inside, such as stairways.

The council has a rolling programme of re-decoration for all its properties and carries out what are called 'associated works' at the same time. This may include such things as repairing or renewing door and window frames, gutters, or mending broken railings.

Download the Leaseholders' major works guide below for more information about major works.

All leaseholders must contribute towards the cost of major repairs and for the cost of external and communal area decorations. Most leaseholders contribute towards the cost of improvements.



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