London Borough of Croydon

We may be able to help you if you are experiencing problems with your address not being recognised by:

  • Royal Mail
  • Utility companies
  • Websites

Some of these problems may arise because the Royal Mail does not hold a correct address. Please note that the Royal Mail will only amend its database on the recommendation of the council so changes should be directed here in the first instance. The Royal Mail is, however, solely responsible for the allocation of postcodes.

If the matter concerns an error within the council's database the problem can often be rectified immediately. If the problem lies with the Royal Mail's information this can take at least a week for them to effect the appropriate change.

We inform Royal Mail of all new addresses in Croydon. The addresses are added to their "not yet built" file. The Royal Mail will only make the address "live" when the property becomes occupied and is capable of receiving mail. This is to avoid post being delivered to a building site.

The local delivery officer will inform the Royal Mail address development team as soon as a property is occupied so it can be made live and it will then show on the Royal Mail Website at If you believe that this hasn't occurred, you should contact Royal Mail directly to check. Please telephone: 08456 011 110 and press option 3 and then option 1 to speak to an advisor.

Many companies use the Royal Mail "live" file for address information. In this instance any addresses held on the "not yet built" file will not be recognised. This is why certain companies may not hold your address details on their systems.

If you are experiencing problems with your mail being delivered incorrectly, in the first instance please contact your local delivery office. If the problem persists we may be able to help.

Please use the online postal address query form, to inform the address management team of the problems you have experienced having your address recognised.


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