Applying for a council property

Homes are allocated on the basis of housing need, length of time on the register and choice of area and property type.

We have almost 5000 households waiting for social housing. Because there are around only 800 available lettings available each year, we can only consider applicants with the greatest need. Even those that are considered are likely to face a lengthy wait, unless they choose areas that have the most vacancies.

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You are eligible to join Croydon's housing register, if you are:

  • aged 18 or over
  • have been assessed as having a housing need
  • are not subject to immigration controls

You can get information and advice about immigration controls from the Home Office (Immigration Directorate), by telephone 0870 606 7766 or via the Home Office website.

You can apply to go on the council register if:

  • you live in Croydon, and have lived in Croydon for at least 3 years
  • you are not registered on another council's housing register
  • you cannot afford to rent or buy a suitable home privately
  • you do not owe rent arrears from a previous tenancy
  • you have not previously broken your tenancy conditions, including anti-social behaviour

Housing need

Your application will go on the housing register, if we consider you to have a high housing need. This means:

  • you must be in a property that is, at least, 2 bedrooms overcrowded, according to the bedroom standard
  • your current housing is in a poor state of repair and has a moderate ongoing effect on your health
  • you have a medical condition or disability which is affected by your housing
  • you are homeless, according to the Housing Act 1996
  • you need to move, on welfare grounds, because you are leaving local authority care 
  • you are a foster carer or adoptive parent and need to move to larger accommodation to accommodate a child that is being looked after by Croydon council


If you are assessed as having a housing need you will have a higher priority, if you are:

  • working
  • training
  • registered as foster carers and adoptive parents by Croydon council

Armed forces personnel

If you are a serving or former member of the armed or reserve forces, you will qualify and will be awarded additional preference. This also applies to the widows and bereaved civil partners of deceased service men and women.

How to apply

You should complete a housing register eligibility form, to find out whether you are likely to be considered for social housing.

Start now

If you are accepted onto the housing register, you can check your position in the waiting list, using the online My Account. You will need to create an online account with us first, and then select 'Housing Register'.

For more information on housing options, visit For more information on finding your own home, visit finding your own rented property.