London Borough of Croydon

Unlike houses and flats, the council does not have to apply to the county court to obtain a possession order. We can give you notice at anytime to terminate the tenancy of a garage. Normally this is done due to failure by the tenant to pay the rent or if there is disrepair.

It is important that you maintain a clear rent account by making payments in advance. The council now enforces an automatic repossession policy should a notice to quit be served on a garage for rent arrears, regardless of whether the account is subsequently cleared.

Should a garage be repossessed and found to contain goods, the tenant will be contacted and asked to remove them within seven days. If the council need to clear the garage, the cost of the clearance and if necessary the cost of a lock change, will be recharged to the former tenant. This is in addition to any outstanding rent arrears.

Please note that if we repossess your garage you and your household will not be allowed to rent another one.

There maybe a waiting list for garages in your area. Please contact us for more details.



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