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Here are some ideas as to how to reduce sugar intake:

For individuals

  • Opt for low sugar versions of your food and drink favourites.
  • Use the free Change4Life food scanner app to find out how much sugar there is in the food and drinks you buy.
  • Increase the amount of water you drink.

For schools and early years settings

  • Go water and milk only, or low sugar only for secondary schools.
  • Promote eating well via messages and posters or events
  • Share low-sugar recipes with families.

For businesses and other organisations

Food and catering outlets

  • Put diet soft drinks/water at the front of the counter/fridge to encourage people to choose them.
  • Reduce the soft drink portion size e.g. smaller cups, or from 500ml bottles to 330ml cans.
  • Put up signs showing the amount of sugar in common snacks or drinks, and highlighting more healthy options.
  • Automatically provide free tap water with table service.

Other organisations

  • Make free water easily available via water fountains.
  • Include a greater variety of low-sugar options at meetings and events. Only provide fruit for dessert.
  • Remove or reduce the number of vending machines and restock them with low-sugar drinks and snacks.

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