London Borough of Croydon

Short breaks provide a disabled child, a young person and their parents/carers a break from their usual routine and new opportunities.

Croydon recruits, assesses, trains, and supports people who can share some of their time with a disabled child or young person.

Home based care is where a child/young person visits the carer's home for a number of hours per week or overnight stays.

Most of our home based carers will have previous experience with children/young people who have a disability and may have worked in schools or related care services. They are assessed in a similar way to foster carers.

You are paid an allowance for the time you spend with your link child and will be offered training and support.

If you would like further information or want to apply to be a home based carer or scheme worker please contact the Duty Officer (Fostering Service), details given below.


Services for children with disabilities

020 8726 6400
020 8760 5797
020 8407 1381
Address Line:

Services for children with disability

Jeanette Wallace House

1 Edridge Road




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