London Borough of Croydon

Croydon's adoption services are provided by Southwark council, as part of a shared service called the Adopt London South Regional Adoption Agency.​​

Croydon post adoption support and intermediary services

If you

  • are adopted adult
  • are the birth relative of an adopted person
  • live in Croydon, or you believe that you have links with Croydon adoption

Then services described below may be of benefit to you.

Croydon adoption team offers a wide range of services for adopted adults and birth relatives. Birth relative includes birth parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and birth brothers and sisters. We can also offer a service to the descendants of adopted people.

Croydon council recognises that adoption is an emotional and often challenging issue for all parties involved. We strive to provide comprehensive support, accurate information and a clear pathway to resolving issues which affect you. 

Support for adopted adults

We can provide advice, support and information if you live in Croydon and you are trying to access your birth and adoption records. This is legally known as Schedule 2 services.

If you are over 18 years, under Schedule of the Adoption and Children Act 2002, you can legally apply for a copy of your original birth certificate.

This is usually the first step in gaining access to your birth and adoption records. If you were born and adopted in the UK we can help you apply to the General Registry Office for a copy of your original birth certificate, even if you do not know your birth name or that of your birth parents.

Different rules apply to people adopted on and before 12 November 1975 and after 12 November 1975, and also on and after 30 December 2005.

See for more information.

Other support services

  • if you live in Croydon, you can ask the General Registry Office to send birth records to Croydon where you will be offered a confidential counselling and advice service, under Schedule 2 of the Adoption and Children Act 2002
  • we also can give you advice on how to apply for access to other adoption records, such as those held by an adoption agency other than Croydon or held by a court
  • we can provide an intermediary service if you live in Croydon and you are thinking about tracing and contacting a birth relative; this is legally known as Section 98 iIntermediary services under the Adoption and Children Act 2002
  • Croydon council holds in trust a large number of archived adoption files from 2 long established but now closed adoption agencies: The Mission of Hope and the Homeless Children's Aid and Adoption Society, latterly both known as Christian Family Concern
  • Croydon council has also been an adoption agency for many years and holds archived records relating to children placed for adoption through Croydon council.; we also hold archived records for children adopted through courts in Croydon whose adoptive parents lived in Croydon, but were placed privately or through a third party
  • if you have further questions about whether or not Croydon might hold your records, see the document below: historical adoptions: frequently asked questions

Support for birth relatives

  • Croydon adoption can provide an adoption support and intermediary service for birth relatives living in Croydon, even if the adoption of the adopted adult took place elsewhere; this is legally known as Section 91 intermediary services
  • Croydon adoption can also provide first-stop advice and guidance to birth relatives who live outside Croydon but whose adopted relative was placed through Croydon or through one of the adoption agencies whose archived records we now hold
  • we will always endeavour to try to answer your questions and to sign post you to the most appropriate resource; however, if you live outside Croydon you will also need to meet with an adoption support worker in your own area who can liaise with us

Croydon adoption enquiry form to access records and intermediary services

To make an enquiry to Croydon post adoption service complete the post adoption enquiry form. Once submitted, our business support officer will process your enquiry and inform you within 15 working days whether our department hold any information, or we will provide you with alternate advice.

Further reading

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Historical adoptions: frequently asked questions
Family Secrets - Living with shame from the Victorians to the Present Day - Deborah Cohen - Penguin Viking - ISBN 978-0-670-91766-2


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