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What is adoption?

Many children, some with physical, emotional or learning disabilities, are in need of caring parents. Adoption is for those children who are unable to live with their birth parents and will not be able to return to them.

Adoption is a legal process. It transfers all legal rights and responsibilities relating to a child from its birth parent to approved adopters. The birth parent ceases to be the child's parents in law and have no further legal rights and responsibilities in relation to the child. The child receives a new birth certificate and takes on the surname of the adopters once an adoption order has been granted by the courts. More information can be found in our adoption information pack which can be downloaded below.

What sort of people are we are looking for?

At the moment we are not recruiting for the following reasons: the numbers of children requiring adoptive homes in Croydon has fallen and we have a number of families already approved and waiting. This is the current trend nationwide. Please visit First4Adoption for more information on agencies that are still recruiting. You can also continue to visit our website from time to time to check if we are recruiting once again. 



Adoption business support

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Adoption business support

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