High hedges

Problems between neighbours can occur if a hedge is allowed to grow unchecked. The council may be able to address your high hedge dispute.

Problems between neighbours can arise if a hedge is allowed to grow unchecked. We may be able to address your high hedge dispute. The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 gives local authorities powers to deal with complaints about high hedges. However, please remember that involving us should be a last resort and that we will charge you £300 for this service.

We can refuse to intervene if we think you haven't done everything you reasonably could to settle a dispute amicably.

The process and the steps that you should consider before coming to us are outlined in the leaflet High Hedges: complaining to the council. If you have taken reasonable steps to resolve the dispute yourself and you can answer 'yes' to all the points listed below then we will consider your complaint:

  • Is your property a domestic dwelling?
  • Is the hedge growing on private land owned by someone else?
  • Is the portion of the hedge that is causing problems made up of two or more trees or shrubs?
  • Is the hedge mostly evergreen or semi-evergreen?
  • Is it more than 2m tall?
  • Even though there may be gaps in the foliage or between the trees or shrubs, is the hedge still capable of obstructing light?

How to report a problem

You can report a problem with a tree or high hedge via My Account - registering for My Account will allow you to see all of your reporting information, and dealings with the council in one place. 

Download our Don't Mess with Croydon app to report hedge issues straight to the relevant team. 

We aim to resolve reported issues within 10 working days. In some instances, it may take longer to resolve, for example, if it is on private land and access is required.

For further information about resolving disputes regarding high hedges see the Gov.uk link below or contact the trees and woodlands manager.

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