London Borough of Croydon

Why you should reduce your waste

When waste is disposed of in a landfill, valuable resources are permanently buried which isn’t sustainable in the long term and damages the environment. Much of this waste could be recycled or reused and some can be avoided all together by making a few small changes. Please see the suggestions below for easy ways you can reduce and reuse and help to make Croydon more sustainable.

Home composting

Home composting is a great way for you to reduce the amount you throw away whilst improving the soil quality in your garden. We’ve teamed up with Straight plc to supply reduced cost compost bins, wormeries and water butts, for more details please go to or call 0844 472 1888.

For information on making the most of your compost bin, including advice on any issues please see

Love Food Hate Waste

Many of us don’t realise the amount of food which we throw away, and research shows the average household could save £50 a month just by wasting less. If less food was wasted it would be the carbon equivalent of removing one in five cars from the road, so it’s not only better for your pocket, but better for the environment too! 

Love Food Hate Waste has lots of fantastic recipes, hints, tips and ideas about how to make the most of your food, and don’t forget where you haven’t been able to avoid food waste it can be recycled in your weekly food waste collection.

Washable nappies

Currently 3% of the household waste sent to landfill comprises of disposable nappies which can take over 100 years to decompose. Reusable, washable nappies can be better for babies and also more environmentally friendly. To find out more contact the Croydon Real Nappy Network who often have vouchers available to help with the cost.

Cut down on unwanted junk mail

You can have your name removed from many of the mailing lists used by junk mail companies, simple register with the Mailing Preference Service to cut down on the amount coming through your letter box.

Further waste reduction information

There are a number of simple and easy ways to reduce what you throw away. Why not try some of the handy hints below:

  • Try to reuse where you can - ice cream tubs make a great lunch boxes, and keep a spare carrier bag handy when shopping and buy refills for things like washing powder,
  • Buy things to last longer rather than disposables - rechargeable batteries can be used time and again and using washable nappies can create a substantial reduction in what you throw away.

Further information to help reduce your waste even further can be found at

Reuse what you can

After reducing waste, reusing is the next most important step. Often items can be reused by somebody else, reused in a different way or repaired. Below is a list of websites where you can offer and find items for reuse: