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What is a Clean & Green street champion?

The Clean & Green Street Champions are a network of residents who have volunteered to improve the environment in our local area. Champions are local people who work alongside us, Croydon Council, and our partners to encourage their fellow residents and businesses to recycle more, manage their waste responsibly and reduce instances of environmental crime. 

We want to take pride in Croydon and helping the planet. To do this we need more and more Clean & Green Street Champions to get involved and join us in making a difference.

What does a Clean & Green Street Champion do?

  • Act as our eyes and ears to help make Croydon one of the cleanest, greenest boroughs in London.
  • Reports environmental crimes such as fly-tipping and littering via the Don’t Mess With Croydon phone app or via
  • Organises community clean-ups and litter picks.
  • Takes before, during and after images of community clean-ups and litter pick events.
  • Supports neighbours to keep their front gardens tidy.
  • Identifies local businesses that need educating on how to dispose of waste and recycling responsibly.
  • Attends meetings with fellow residents, street champions and council representatives.
  • Reports back to the Clean & Green Street Champions coordinator on their activity i.e. litter picks reports and engagement with other residents.

What support do Clean & Green Street Champions receive?

We can help you with the following:

  • Help to organise community clean-ups and litter picks.
  • Assistance with land searches.
  • Advice on health and safety, risk assessments and preventative methods to reduce environmental crimes. (For more information on this, please read pages 10-14 of Keep Britain Tidy’s ‘A guide to organising your Great British Spring Clean event’.)
  • Providing equipment and materials for clean-ups, including litter pickers, brooms, gloves and bags.
  • Removing all agreed waste collected on community clean-ups.
  • Advice on supporting neighbours to keep their front gardens tidy.
  • Advice on educating local businesses on how to dispose waste and recycling responsibly.
  • Sharing good news about successful clean-ups on social media.
  • Arranging quarterly meetings with the Clean & Green Street Champions and council representatives to discuss future clean-ups.

Find out more about the Clean & Green Street Champions by downloading our guide, featuring more tips and advice on organising clean-ups and litter picks.

If you have any further questions please contact the team on / 0208 726 6200 / 07825 103788.

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