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Love Clean Streets smartphone app

The Love Clean Streets smartphone app is the fastest way to report fly-tipping, graffiti and other issues on Croydon’s streets.

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Alternatively, you can add a report through the Croydon Love Clean Streets website. If you prefer not to create an account on the Croydon Love Clean Streets, there is a ‘Report Now’ button (This is found just below the login box of that website).

Reporting an issue is simple

Select 'Croydon' as the home local authority.

  • Set the location
  • Take a photo
  • Pick the category
  • Submit the report

Your report will automatically get sent to the related team at Croydon Council to deal with.

You can use the app to report the following issues

  • Abandoned vehicle
  • Dead animal
  • Dog Fouling
  • Drug related litter
  • Empty property
  • Fly-posting
  • Fly-tipping on public land
  • Graffiti
  • Illegal parking
  • Illegal encampment
  • Loose or damaged pavements
  • Parks issues
  • Potholes or damage to roads
  • Problems with skips
  • Road surface drainage problems
  • Streets, issues with benches, bollards, signs
  • Streets, new or relocation of street litter bins
  • Streets, overflowing street litter bins
  • Tree or high hedge obstruction on public land
  • Waste on private property

In partnership with Love Clean Streets

This app is provided in partnership with Croydon-based company Love Clean Streets.

For help and support visit the Love Clean Streets support page