London Borough of Croydon

Missing and stray dogs

The dog warden is on duty between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. To report a missing or stray dog between 9am and 5pm please call 020 8726 6000 and choose option 7 to speak to one of our customer service advisers.

To report a missing or stray dog outside of these hours, please call the number above and wait to be transferred to the emergency control room. The council now operates an out of hours drop-off point system. If you find a stray dog out of hours, you will be required to take the dog to the council’s drop-off point.

Veterinary Surgeries - the facility for collecting stray dogs from veterinary centres will be restricted to the hours of 8am to 4:15pm, Monday to Friday, then only when the dog warden is available.

You are therefore advised, not to accept stray dogs as no guarantee can be given that they will be collected from your premises. Should the need arise for you to use the drop-off point facility, you should do so by contacting us on the number above.

Please note: pet dogs in our custody can only be returned by the dog warden.

If your dog goes missing, remember to:

  • Display posters in the area where your dog went missing.
  • The poster should include your contact details, a description and photograph of your dog. Contact local vets to inform them that your dog is missing, or better still, take a poster to the vets to be displayed. This is especially important if your dog is not micro-chipped.
  • Call Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (020 7622 3626) to report your dog missing. Sometimes finders take a dog straight to Battersea instead of calling the dog warden.
  • Call the micro-chip company to report the dog as lost/stolen so that if the dog is found, they are aware you are still the rightful owners of the dog.
  • If your dog went missing near the border of the Croydon Borough, don't forget to call the dog warden in the surrounding boroughs.
  • Put your dog's details on lost dog websites such as or You can browse found dogs from all over the UK. Remember to remove the details once your dog has been found.


If a dog is returned to its owner on the day that it is found, we charge them £24. If a dog is not returned to its owner on the first day it will be taken to the kennels. We will charge the owner £74 for the return of the dog, plus £14 for each day the dog has stayed in the kennels. There may also be a further charge for vets' fees. If the dog is not claimed within seven days, it becomes the property of the kennels.

Dog nuisance

To report dog nuisance or dog on dog attacks, please call 020 8726 6000 and choose option 7 to speak to one of our customer service advisers. Alternatively you can call the dog warden's office during office hours on the details below.

Dangerous dogs

Under The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, dangerous dogs are the responsibility of the Police. Dangerous dogs and banned breeds should be reported to the Police. To report a dangerous dog please call the Police switchboard on 0300 123 1212, or in the case of an emergency call 999. For more information please read the leaflet on dangerous and banned dogs in the downloads section below.

Animal cruelty

If you suspect an animal is being subjected to any form of cruelty then please report it to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals RSPCA on 0300 123 4555.

Other information

Micro-chip your dog - It is important that your dog is micro-chipped as soon as possible. If your dog is then lost or its collar removed the micro-chip will help to reunited you with the dog. Thanks to the micro-chip system, missing dogs have been found and reunited with their owners months after they were reported missing. Remember to update your details with the chip company Pet Log on 08444 633999 if you change your phone number or move house.

Ensure your dog has a collar with an identity tag - Under The Control of Dogs Act 1992, every dog while in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on the collar, plate or a tag. It is also helpful to the dog warden for the owner's home or mobile number to be displayed. This will help reunite the dog and owner even faster. It's advisable not to put the dog's name on the collar; this will prevent it being used in a negative way should the dog get stolen. If a dog is found in a public place and does not have a collar/ tag with these details on, the dog's owner can be fined up to £5000!

Further information

For further information on dog rescues or how to adopt an unwanted stray; please contact the dog warden details below.


Dog Warden

020 8726 6000
"ENV" + details to 60660


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