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What sort of housing do you need? For example, do you want to live on your own or share with other people and will you need support? For details on the different housing options go to our housing options and support for people with learning disabilities web page.

Help with your housing options: If you are looking for help with your housing options, you will need to complete the housing options self help tool before contacting the housing team. Go to the Your Home Your Move section for further information. If the self help tool suggests supported housing (additional support) as a suitable option a referral can be made by the individual or any statutory or voluntary agency to Croydon Support Needs Assessment and Placement Service (SNAP) - contact: 020 8760 5498.

Housing advice for people aged between 14 and 21: If you are between 14 and 21 you should contact CAYSH's housing advice team at the Turnaround Centre, a housing advice service exclusively for young people and their families. For further information visit Your Home Your Move.

Croydon Council Housing Advice Service provides information on a range of housing issues. Contact: 020 8726 6100. The Croydon Rent in Advance Scheme provides financial support and advice to vulnerable people. You need to be referred to this scheme. Croydon Shared Lives Scheme is for vulnerable adults who need support with day to day living. They can choose to live with a Shared Lives carer as a member of the household. Shared Lives carers will treat the person as a member of the family and help to fully involve them in family life, and the wider community. A referral must be made by a social worker.

Have your say on housing issues: If you are a council tenant or leaseholder there are many ways for you to get involved in helping to improve housing services including being a member of the Housing Services Forum and the Housing Sounding Board where you can take part in surveys. There is also a housing disability panel where people with disabilities can discuss housing issues.

To see all the different opportunities for you to get involved, visit resident involvement and scrutiny.

There are various organisations that provide support and housing services for people with special needs and disabilities. Details may be found in the leaflet below.

If you feel we have missed something important, let us know by contacting


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