London Borough of Croydon


Each college will have its own support for special needs and disabilities which should be described in the prospectus. If you have a disability, mental health condition or learning difficulty, it is a good idea to contact course providers to discuss what you might need as early as possible.

Independent specialist colleges

There are a number of independent specialist colleges, catering for a variety of needs and interests. There are three of these colleges within a day's travelling distance of Croydon, and their details can be found below.

Applications should be made to the college in conjunction with Croydon's SEN service. Funding is paid by the local authority according to eligibility. All students will have a Learning Difficulty Assessment or an Education, Health and Care Plan. Applications will be assessed according to the individual abilities and support needs of the student, as described in the Learning Difficulty Assessment / Education Health and Care Plan and supporting documents.


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