London Borough of Croydon

An academy for boys and girls.

Head of school: Nina Achenbach

Admissions number: 120

Age range: 7-11

DfE number: 2047

Year 2 children in Whitehorse Manor Infant & Nursery School do not automatically transfer to Year 3 in Whitehorse Manor Junior School. Parents of Year 2 children on the roll of Whitehorse Manor Infant & Nursery School must complete the ‘Infant to Junior’ transfer application’, naming Whitehorse Manor Junior school, as described in the prospectus and submit it by the deadline given, if they wish their child to be considered for a place at this school. However, children on the roll of Whitehorse Manor Infant & Nursery School at the time of application are given priority for admission to our junior school, after the admission of children with a statement of special educational need or Education Health & Care plan (EHCP) that names the school, and applications for looked-after/previously looked-after children.

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The Pegasus Academy Trust admissions criteria can be downloaded below. 


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