London Borough of Croydon

An academy for boys and girls

Head of school: Sharon Russell

Admissions number: 120

Age range: 4-7

The Pegasus Academy Trust (PAT) is the admissions authority for Whitehorse Manor Infant School. This school has a published admission number of 120, with 90 places being on the Whitehorse Road site and 30 places on the Brigstock site. Therefore, after places have been allocated according to the admissions criteria (please see below), the successful applicants will be allocated to either the Whitehorse Road site or the Brigstock site by applying the following criteria in the order set out:

  • The child will have a sibling who will be attending either or both the infant or junior school on the site at the date of enrolment.
  • The distance between the centre of the child’s home and the main entrance to the school site, with those living nearest given higher priority.

In this way, it should maximise those children who will be able to attend:

  • The same site as their siblings who will still be on roll of the infant/junior school when they start infant school
  • The nearest site to their home address.

It should be emphasised that, even with our best endeavours, it will not always be possible to offer parents their preferred or nearest site. You cannot appeal if you have been offered a place at the school, but have been unsuccessful in obtaining your site preference.

DfE number: 2048

Whitehorse Manor's Ofsted reports and performance data

How to apply for a school place

Admission criteria for entry into the Trust's schools

The Pegasus Academy Trust admissions criteria can be downloaded below.


Whitehorse Manor Infants - Pegasus Academy Trust

020 8689 7679
Address Line:

Whitehorse Road

Thornton Heath, CR7 8SB

Whitehorse Manor has an annexe at Brigstock:

129/133 Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath, CR7 7JN


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