London Borough of Croydon

A community schools for boys and girls.

Headteacher: Clare Cranham

Admissions number: 90

Age range: 4-11

Nursery Classes: 52 part time places

DfE number: 3415 

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Published Admission Number for 2017/18 Reception Classes

In 2013, Croydon experienced a 5% drop in birth rate and consequently has seen a drop in demand for Reception places. This has resulted in a higher than necessary level of surplus places in some of the educational planning areas across the borough. One of the areas affected by this is the North West primary planning area, where Kensington Avenue Primary School is situated.

As a result, the Local Authority as the Admissions Authority for Kensington Avenue Primary School, in agreement with the Governing Body proposes to reduce the published admission number (PAN) of the school from 90 to 60 for the September 2017 Reception year group. This means that the number of places available for children in Year R in 2017 will be 60. For children who already have a place at the school in other year groups there will be no change.

Kensington Avenue Primary School are currently seeking the views of parents, carers and other interested stakeholders on the proposal to reduce the school’s PAN for September 2017.

If you wish to comment on the above proposal, please email or write to:

Kensington Avenue Primary School
Kensington Avenue

All responses must be received by 3pm on Friday 2nd March 2018. Representations received after this specified time and date will not be considered

In March 2018 the Local Authority, will consider the results of the consultation and in discussion with the school’s Governing Body, decide whether to refer the proposed reduction in the admission number for the 2017/18 academic year to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator for approval


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