London Borough of Croydon

An academy for boys and girls.

Headteacher: Sonia Rutherford 

Admission number: 90

Age range: 4-11

Nursery class

Our school has a nursery class for 3/4 year olds, providing for 52 part-time places. It is important to note that attendance/enrolment in the nursery is distinct and separate to attendance in the Primary School. No appeal will be allowed against the refusal of a place in the nursery. If the nursery is oversubscribed, priority will be given to children with Statements of Special Educational Needs that name the school. The remaining places will then be offered in accordance with the oversubscription criteria which applies to the academy as a whole [as described below], except that sibling priority will only apply where a sibling already attends the academy nursery or primary school. The nursery will keep a waiting list which will be used to fill casual vacancies occurring as a result of an enrolled child leaving during the academic year or withdrawing from a place that has been offered. The list will be ranked in line with the academy’s oversubscription criteria (see below).

Parents should be aware that attending the nursery class does not mean your child will automatically transfer to the reception class at this school. You will still need to apply at the appropriate time for a place for your child in a reception class, using the council's common application form, as described in this prospectus.

DfE number: 2013 

How to apply for a school place


Ark Oval Primary Academy

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