London Borough of Croydon

Croydon has in excess of 80 primary schools, comprising infant, junior and combined schools. They range in size and phase and include the only Greek Orthodox school in the country. There are dedicated nursery schools as well as nursery classes attached to primary schools.
Our secondary schools are equally varied, offering a wide choice of specialisms, with opportunities to teach sixth form in over a quarter of them. 

We have six special schools that work closely with their mainstream counterparts to promote inclusive education and six short stay schools.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

Well organised in-service training contributes greatly to the professional development of Croydon's teachers and is crucial in maintaining high standards in our schools. Our professional development service is one of the most vibrant and active hubs for CPD teachers in south London.

For more information on courses visit the Octavo Partnership.

FIRST STEPS - the gateway to affordable housing in London

FIRST STEPS enables first time buyers looking for an affordable home in London to complete just one application form to access a range of affordable shared ownership and equity loan schemes being marketed in London. It is also possible to find rented accommodation that charges rents that are lower than on the open market.  For more information visit the FIRST STEPS website or call 0845 230 8099.


Teacher recruitment

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