London Borough of Croydon

"We know that poor English and maths skills often run in the family, and family English, language and maths courses can be an effective way of breaking the cycle of underachievement... They are a vital part of Skills for Life Strategy" 

Ivan Lewis, former Minister for Adult Learning and Skills

Family literacy language and numeracy courses improve:

  • parents' English, language and maths and IT skills
  • parents' ability and confidence to help their children learn
  • parents' ability to progress to further learning or employment
  • children's literacy, language and numeracy skills
  • children's confidence and self esteem.

Family learning works!

An audit was carried out by Castle Hill Early Years Centre on 15 families who had joined a numeracy course. All the 15 mums who joined the courses were unemployed, had no qualifications and came along to the course just because they wanted to help their children with reading, writing and maths and give them a better chance at school. They had no idea that the course would be a stepping stone to a new life for themselves!

Of the 15 parents who completed a family numeracy or family literacy course

  • 10 parents went on to childcare courses and completed a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Childcare at Level 2
  • 3 parents progressed even further and completed NVQ Level 3
  • 12 parents are now working
  • 1 parent is doing voluntary work
  • 13 children are now doing well at school and one child is working within the top 2% for maths in the whole country.

Information for schools and other organisations wanting to host courses

Funding is available to pay for staffing costs. Courses are set up in partnership with Croydon Adult Learning and Training (CALAT) and are delivered in schools, libraries, children's centres, and family and community centres across the borough. All courses are offered free to families. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a course.

If you are a parent or a carer wanting to find out about courses

Contact your child's head teacher or the manager of your local children's or other community centre to find out about what is available.