London Borough of Croydon

What is the virtual school 

Welcome to Croydon’s virtual school, we want to make sure that every looked after child’s education is being valued and supported . Virtual school is not a replacement for a normal school and it is not  an online learning environment. We will monitor the child’s attendance and progression.

We have a team of skilled professionals who are all committed to  ensuring looked after children can achieve whatever they put their mind to.  The Virtual school works with, social workers, foster carers, teachers and the children themselves. We work together on solutions to overcome any difficulties and ensure that the children receive enough support.

Virtual school take great pride with our looked after children. We  aim to recognise their achievements and reward them .  Every term certificates and Love2Shop vouchers presented to those children who are achieving good results.

Term dates - school calendar

Use this link to view the usual tem dates and school holidays for croydon schools 

Latest news and upcoming training sessions

Designated Teacher (DT) Surgeries

Dsesignated Teacher surgeries, takes place to help DT's understand the Electronic Personal Education Plan (EPEP system. DT’s can book an appointment With the virtual school team.  These sessions are small with only 3-4 DT's at a time.

Social Worker surgeries

These operat in the same way as the DT surgeries, but are for social workers only.  Social worker surgeries occur every Thursdays so if you are ever in doubt about using EPEP feel free to come along.

Arena Service Development Meeting

This is a meeting that takes places the first Wednesday of the month. The whole Virtual school team meets up to discuss how they are are doing. Sharing any queries that they may have and discussingways to improve their workload and managing their PEP’s. 

  • Any news and accomplishments that our LAC receive/awarded, 
  • Social media accounts to be added e.g. twitter, YouTube.  

Electronic Personal Educational Plan (EPEP)

Electronic Personal Educational Plan (EPEP) is a record of the young person’s education. The EPEP plays a big part with virtual school. When a PEP is taking place the designated teacher, social worker, young person and a member of Virtual school staff should be present. Each person has a section to fill including the young person these meeting are taken termly. This makes it easier to be able to see if there has been any progress made. EPEP is also very useful because this is where Virtual quality assure their PEP’s in order for that child to receive any funding they have to request via EPEP, the funding is to contribute to that young person’s education and any enrichment activities that they take any interest in. Virtual school do provide a certain amount of funding but if that does not cover the activities you are always able to request for additional this is called PPG and state the amount extra needed.

PEP this is the system where the Virtual school uses to keep electronic information regarding the child’s education. In the EPEP system it is filled in by the DT, SW and the young person. DT will then set some smart targets and request for funding. From there the virtual school are then able to see. {?}