London Borough of Croydon

Education and learning

Education and learning services & information

  • Schools

    Includes school admissions; term times; lists of Croydon schools; schools performance and more

  • Nursery and pre-schools

    Includes free nursery education; list of nursery schools and classes and more

  • Adult and further education

    lncludes colleges and courses; financial support for students and more

  • Education, training & careers for 16-19s

    Information and advice to help young people prepare for their future.

  • Schools travel

    Information on transport to and from schools and other educational facilities. 


  • Services and activities for people with SEND

    Search for services, organisations and support for families and people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).

  • Croydon STAR Awards

    The Croydon STAR Awards give families, professionals, educators and members of the community the opportunity to celebrate the success, talents, achievement and recognition of young people who are looked after by the London Borough of Croydon. The awards give these young people a unique opportunity to be acknowledged in a very public way at a high profile event in the autumn.

  • Teacher information

    Includes teaching vacancies; teacher training; local school overviews; religious education and more

  • Extra-curricular activities

    Includes music services for children

  • Family learning

    Includes family learning opportunities; activities and more

  • Croydon Schools' Forum and consultation

    Information about the Croydon Schools' Forum and consultation


  • Parental support

    Includes advice on registering complaints about a school; bullying; children's services and more