London Borough of Croydon

Annual report and statement of accounts (Annual budget / statement of accounts - overall income and spending of the Council for each financial year) 

Budget book inc. capital programme (Information on expenditure including capital expenditure including any private finance initiative and public-private partnership contracts)

Financial audit reports (These are considered by the Cabinet and the audit advisory committees)

Members' allowances scheme (including notices made under Scheme, setting out the total sum paid - the Scheme is also included within the Council's Constitution

Election expenses (Returns or declarations and accompanying documents relating to election expenses sent to the Council).  Available for personal inspection only by prior arrangement. 

Procurement procedures (The process of acquiring goods and services, details of procedures and contracts available for public tender - the procedures are included within the Council's Constitution)  

Financial statements for projects and events (These are contained within the reports in respect of a particular project/event considered by the relevant Committee of the Council) 

Internal financial regulations (These are included within the Council's Constitution)

Payments over £500 (A monthly list of payments made)