London Borough of Croydon

Register of councillors' financial and other interests, gifts and hospitality.

Register of Electors List of those eligible to vote, public inspection only.

Statutory Planning Register Applications, forms, notices, plans, drawings etc.  Information regarding to enforcement will not be made available.

  • Advertisements (Register of applications for consent to display advertisements and the decisions of the authority) 
  • Planning appeals (Register of enforcement and stop notices)
  • Planning permission (Register containing planning applications and their results) 

Planning enforcement (Register of enforcement notices served where there is a breach of planning control.)

Buildings of special architectural and historic interest (A list of buildings which have been classified as being of special architectural or historic interest.) 

Conversation Areas (Map & street gazette showing which properties are within conservation areas and:

Trees (Register containing information about and copies of orders made by the council to protect trees within the authority area, applications for consent to works under tree preservation orders and the decisions on such applications and details of notifications by persons intending to carry out acts affecting trees in conservation areas and the subsequent decisions of the council.)

Food Premises (Listing of addresses and types of food premises.)

Maintenance of Streets (Listing of streets and highways in the in the area.)

Road Street Works (Register of street works executed or proposed to be executed in streets in the area.)

Multiple Occupation (Discretionary Registration Scheme referring to a register containing information about domestic premises which are in multiple occupation.)

Licences, permits & registrations

  • Licensing Act 2003 - current applications
  • Gambling Act 2005 - current applications
  • Alcohol, late night refreshment and regulated entertainment
  • Animal licences (where animal boarding or breeding will take place, riding establishments and pet shops)
  • Auction registration
  • Children working in the entertainment industry, such as broadcast performances, photography and modelling, must have a licence.
  • Explosives licence (storing explosives)
  • Food business - registration
  • Gambling licences (where gambling takes place)
  • Motor salvage registration (businesses where cars are broken down and spare parts sold)
  • Poisons (non-medical) licence (selling non-medical, poisonous substances)
  • Scaffolding, hoarding and materials licence
  • Scrap metal business registration
  • Sex establishment licence (that wholly or in part sell R18 (adult) videos or DVDs or other adult material)
  • Skip operators licence (licence to place a builder's skip on any part of a public highway)
  • Special treatment licence (treatments such as massage, acupuncture, manicure, piercing and tattooing, sauna and light, electric or vapour treatments)
  • Street trading licence (to trade or display goods or services on the public highway)