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Apply to vote by proxy

A proxy vote is when you choose someone to vote for you when you are not able to vote at the polling station yourself.

Unlike a postal vote you must give a reason as to why you need to vote by proxy. You can download the proxy vote application form at the bottom of this page.

Deadline for proxy vote applications

The normal deadline to apply to vote by proxy vote in the local elections on 3 May, was 5pm on Wednesday 25 April. In some circumstances it may be possible to apply for an Emergency proxy.

Emergency proxies

There are some circumstances in which you may apply for an emergency proxy:

  • If you have had a medical emergency that took place after 5pm on Wednesday 25 April and which means you cannot go to the polling station in person, but you must get a qualified person to support your application (Emergency Disability Proxy Vote Application form)
  • If you are not able to attend the polling station in person for reasons relating to your occupation, service or employment, and you only become aware of this after 5pm on Wednesday 25 April (Emergency Employment Proxy Vote Application).

Please note that the Emergency Proxy Vote Application Form and supporting document must be fully completed and signed as instructed. These forms must arrive at the Electoral Services Office before 5pm on Polling Day.

Proxy votes for an indefinite period

You can apply for a proxy vote for an indefinite period because of a permanent physical disability, illness or

  • You are blind or otherwise physically incapacitated
  • You or your spouse would be prevented from voting in person due to work or if you are studying at college or university

Applications for an indefinite period will have to be supported by a doctor, employer or course tutor, depending on the reason why you are applying.

Proxy vote for a single election

When applying for a proxy vote for a single election you need to give a reason why you cannot vote in person at your polling station, for example, if you are on holiday when the election is taking place. Applications for a single election do not need to be supported by another person.

For the security of your proxy vote, and by law, all applicants are required to give their signature and date of birth. If you do not provide your date of birth and signature your application will not be accepted.

If you are unable to provide a signature, or you are unable to sign in a consistent or distinctive way because of any disability, or you are unable to read or write, the registration officer, in these circumstances, may grant you a waiver, which will mean you will not be required to provide a signature. However, you will still be required to give your date of birth.

All completed forms can be:

If your proxy (the person voting for you) wishes for your ballot paper to be posted to them, they will also have to provide their date of birth and signature, if they do not provide these they will have to attend your polling station on election day to vote on your behalf. In order for them to provide this information they need to download, complete and return the application for a proxy to vote by post form. The deadline for your proxy to arrange to vote on your behalf by post is 5pm on Wednesday 18 April.


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