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Apply to vote by post

If you are unable to vote in person at your designated polling station, you can still vote using a postal vote.

You will need to complete a postal vote application form which you can download from the bottom of this page.

Deadline for postal vote applications

To apply to vote by post in the local elections on 3 May, your application needed to be received by the electoral registration officer by 5pm on Wednesday 18 April.

All completed forms can be:

Part of the application form asks for your date of birth and usual signature. This is a security measure and both will be compared to your completed postal vote to ensure no one else is using your postal vote

If you are unable to provide a signature because:

  • you are unable to sign in a consistent or distinctive way because of any disability
  • you are unable to read or write

the electoral registration officer may grant you a waiver so you will not have to provide a signature. You will still be required to give your date of birth.

If you need your ballot sent to an address that is different from your registered address, you will need to provide the reason. 

If you do not provide your date of birth or signature or you do not give a reason for a redirection, your application will not be accepted.

Once you have applied to vote by post you will not be able to vote in person at the polling station.

Cancellations of postal, and polling station votes needed to be received by 5pm on Wednesday 18 April 2018.

Receiving and returning postal votes

The majority of postal votes will be sent out by first class post around two weeks before the election, although applications received nearer to the application deadline may be sent out slightly later.

Completed postal votes must be returned by close of poll at 10pm on Thursday 3 May. A pre-paid return envelope is provided. They can also be hand delivered to the Town Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon CR9 1DE or handed in at a polling station in your ward on 3 May.

Postal votes must be returned with the completed Postal Voting Statement or it will not be counted.

Lost, never received or spoilt your postal vote

If you have lost, never received, or spoilt your postal vote, you will need to have your postal vote reissued. Postal votes can only be reissued from Friday 27 April up until 5pm on election day, Thursday 3 May. Voters who have arranged a postal vote will not be allowed to vote at a polling station. To discuss getting your postal vote reissued contact electoral services as soon as possible.


Electoral services

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Electoral Services

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