London Borough of Croydon

Access Croydon

The council has made Access Croydon faster, smarter, better by creating a customer space that brings all services together, offers more flexible choices and a better service for residents.

Access Croydon is open at:

Bernard Weatherill House
8 Mint Walk

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.


Benefits of the Access Croydon space are:

  • an improved layout and more welcoming surroundings
  • shorter waiting times and quicker response to queries
  • easier access to a wide range of public services
  • more accessible for those with needs
  • long-term better value for money through improved services combined with cost savings
  • more services available online.

How does Access Croydon work?

On arrival

When you arrive in Access Croydon in Bernard Weatherill House you will be met and shown where you need to go. For more straightforward queries we want to reduce waiting times by making it easier for you to self-serve.

Self service

To save time, if you are simply coming to Access Croydon to drop off or photocopy forms there will be an improved process for doing this that will be much easier and quicker for you.

You will be able to complete a range of council functions online, such as paying council tax and ordering parking permits, and, should you need them, customer service advisers will be on hand to help you use the computers.


If you need to make an appointment to see someone, you will be able to book one through our self-service terminals. And, if you have already made an appointment, you will be able to use the terminals to check in.


Once checked in, you will be able to choose where you wait to see someone. There will be several comfortable waiting areas, including one especially for people with young children.

Talking to us

Screens around Access Croydon will tell you where to go for your appointment.

Your appointment could take place in one of a number of different spaces - some appointment areas are out in the open, some are semi-enclosed, and some appointments will take place in individual rooms, depending on the level of confidentiality needed.

In exceptional circumstances, and if appropriate, visits could be made to residents - for example, if highly vulnerable people are involved, such as in a child social care case; or if a family has suddenly become homeless.